Wednesday, 2 September 2009

To all the friends in campervans I met

( Dedicado a todos os amigos guiando "pão-de-forma" por essa Europa fora que conheci, perdoem a lingua inglesa)

I thought I was alone in this journey. I thought I was , as a lot of people made very clear to me, some sort of outcast with no much grip for reality, enduring such a long trip around Europe in an ancient vehicle.

But driving a VW caravan is about discover your limits, and push the boundaries of ourselves. There is a bond with us and our vehicles. Every single one of you, considered its "bus" or " Campervan" as part of the family. Not just another caravan bound to be replaced in a couple of years time.

Just think about all the experiences we all had in this journeys using a VW Campervan. All the people we met, all the "impromptu" meetings in petrol stations, all the easygoing approach, like we've been friends for years. All the tourists and pretty girls wanting to take photographs near our VWs. All the breakdowns easily sorted with a piece of wire and a hammer. All the pictures we took. All theat feeling we are doing something special.

Here are some of the pictures of you, people like me that reject the normality, people that want to do something different with their lives. People that want to have something to remember someday. I was so glad to meet you all. Here is the proof, that ideas and friendship, knows no country or nacionality. Hope to see you someday again. You know where to find me.

Dont ever forget the Lead replacement , and go easy on the throttle.
Have a safe journey home. Take care.

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