Friday, 4 September 2009

Cantone Ricambi Italy

Yours truly arriving at Cantone Ricambi, in Livorno.

Livorno is the eastern pause in this European tour. I always had a special interest in Italy, given its remarkable industrial and automotive heritage . Then came the "Italian job", the 1969 movie with Michael Caine, and it was irreversible: Had to go to Italy! I did it several times during my life, but kept promising I would come here with some more time, and do a trip along the north. Well, here we are, in Livorno.

A "new" Split waits a new life: Immaculate.

Travelling 4000 Miles ( until now), in a sixties air cooled vehicle, has of course its limitations and inherent problems. Some work is already due, given the extreme punishment in the roads of Italy, under a scorching Sun. Thanks to a friendly workshop owned by my friend and VW enthusiast Enrico Cantone in Livorno, I could make the so much needed pause to sort some of the problems in the van. For starters, I lost the fuel cap in one of the Livornese petrol stations ( Closed from noon to four in the afternoon, would you believe it?), and the gearbox , along with the steering box were lacking some oil.

An italian sister to my campervan. Troppo bella!

In this workshop, beetles and the likes of, get a professional and torough treatment. No stone is left unturn to give the customers VWs back its former glory. With an extensive wharehouse, and many parts in stock, Cantone Ricambi can provide solution for every classic VW problem.

An original Karmann for sale

Enrico is an enthusiast himself, and talking about VW and classic cars in general becomes compulsory. Even his office seats have pillows with the Wolfsburg Symbol! How cool is that? With a fully equipped workshop, and friendly staff always happy to help, this was a pleasant surprise and some sort of an "Oasis" for this already long trip. If you ever get around Italy in a VW, Cantone Ricambi is a place you definetely must visit.

Thank you Enrico. Hope to see you some day again.

VWelcome: Enrico guest sofa with a familiar sight...

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