Friday, 8 February 2008

Press Information

This is a Blog created to show my experiences and points of view about the motoring scene .
It has been created in 19 January 2008.

I work as an Engineer in the industry, and I have been on the trade for twenty odd years. I also have some qualifications as a motoring journalist and writer. If I write about cars, that means I actually drove those cars, and fixed them! What chances do you have to find such capabilities in someone that writes about cars?

This website is mainly written in my first language,which is Portuguese,but some of the relevant issues are as well posted in English language. I am looking forward to hear from you in your mother tongue, either if it is English,French,Spanish or German.

The motoring scene , is often wrongly related with some upmarket blokes who splash their cash in order to get some attention or respect. I gennuinely think that a car is part of our lives and dreams, and all of us have something to say about it. Not only the few ones who happen to have a nice stuffed wallet.

I do collaborate with some publications and international media as a freelancer, posting articles and pictures from events across Brittain,Europe and USA. I also write books both in English and Portuguese. I am always geared up for any occurance and ready to go, wherever the action is.

I am permanently based in West Midlands,England
All pictures and texts posted here are Mike Silva work,unless they are described as otherwise, and are protected by copyright .
Any contacts or feedback can be posted at

Mike Silva uses Canon EOS and Ricoh equipment on his shots.

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